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The Enlightened Listener's Basic Tool Kit

The Enlightened Listener's Basic Tool Kit
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Two-CD Collection

Clive Swansbourne, piano and speaker.

Unlike the other more specific talks in the Enlightened Listener series, which are available only as downloads, this substantial introduction is available either as a download or as a double CD album.

The Enlightened Listener’s Basic Tool Kit is designed to help listeners understand some of the more common terms necessary in any discussion of classical instrumental music. Clive Swansbourne discusses each of these terms, grouped under major headings such as melody and harmony.

Illustrations at the piano are used to promote aural associations which can be easily assimilated. The numbers on the left are track numbers. (For those downloading on to CD: tracks 1-14 fit on the first CD and 15-20 on the second.)


1. Introduction (2:53)
2. Melody (4:19)
3. Scales (5:00)
4. Chromatic scales and modes (5:22)
5. Motif: Mozart (5:11)
6. Motif: Bach (4:04)
7. Phrase, Theme (2:12)
8. Ornamentation (1:55)
9. Harmony (5:31)
10. Key Relationships (4:41)
11. Functional and non-functional harmony (3:59)
12. Modulation (6:41)
13. Rhythm (15:33)
14. Texture (11:16)


15. Color (3:03)
16. Forms (13:56)
17. Sonata Form (15:10)
18. Sonata Rondo (7:46)
19. Fugue (14:56)
20. Variations (16:54)

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