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The Enlightened Listener

The notes below are about The Enlightened Listener web store. If you would like to know more about Clive Swansbourne himself - his music and life - please click here or press the About button on the top menu to return to the main part of the website.

The Enlightened Listener store, a subset of the Clive Swansbourne website, has been created to sell recordings by Clive on CD and as downloadable files. These recordings include complete single and double album sets, single tracks, and talks by Clive about the theory and practice of music, which are illustrated by played extracts from the works under discussion. The talks are designed to complement Clive’s performances, but may be bought separately if required.

Most of the piano performances are studio recordings, though recordings of live performances may be added in future.

Clive Swansbourne’s music is recorded on his own record label, Swan Records. The Enlightened Listener is completely independent, and not connected to any other recording business or retail website.

For more information about Clive’s work, and some lively comment and video performances by Clive himself, please browse the rest of this web site.

We would also welcome your input. Please visit the blog section and let us have your thoughts.