"Swansbourne's Chopin was restless, strong and well-argued, his Schubert somehow driven, buoyant and dance-like all at once"

—Boston Globe


Frederyk Chopin

Enjoy the piano works of Chopin even more with Clive's illustrated talks in The Enlightened Listener series.

Franz Schubert

All the late piano works of Franz Schubert in three volumes of double CDs, performed by Clive Swansbourne.


Schubert sleeve














"Interesting and individualistic playing... a study in textual clarity... His readings often had the quality of passionate improvisations."
The New York Times 

"An impeccable, commanding performance."
The New, Musical America

"This was quite an event ... Swansbourne's Chopin was restless, strong and well-argued, his Schubert somehow driven, buoyant and dance-like all at once ... all was vivid, all was logical. Will we hear this fine young pianist again soon, please?"
The Boston Globe 

"The pieces came over as a flow of spontaneous invention, yet there was no mistaking the virtuosity and intellectual energy that went into the performance."
London, Sunday Times 

"Clive Swansbourne knows exactly what he wants to achieve with the music, and he accomplishes it. He seemed incapable of putting a foot wrong, either regarding technique or style."
London, The Times 

"This recital was a radiant beginning to the series ... brilliantly successful ...."
Frankfurt, Neue Presse 

"Swansbourne celebrated the beauty of sound, whether hammered, sung or rousingly swept along, showing sensitive feel for various shadings of chords, shimmering passage-work, dreamily soft melodic lines, and whirling perpetual motion. Nothing could diminish the merits of the pianist ... or the enchantment of his audience"
Frankfurt, Allgemeine Zeitung 

"A distinguished recital ... richly varied in touch and tone ... lapidary fingerwork, clarity and balance ... Beethoven's Tempest Sonata received impetuous drive; lean, clear and muscular playing, clarity of architecture and structural line ... In his poetic, rhapsodic account of Schumann's Davidsbuendlertaenze, Swansbourne moved easily and unfazed among the composer's mercurial moods and technical challenges, from bold introversion to elegant introspection, from impetuosity to delicacy, from spiky rhythms to finely spun suspensions."
The Los Angeles Times 

"... delicacy, clarity of line, perfectly weighted singing tones, purling scales and arpeggios, impeccable trills at any dynamic level ... the fanciful harmonic excursions of his own first movement cadenza convinced via sheer panache." (Mozart Concerto in C, K.467)
The New York Times 

"Swansbourne performed one remarkable keyboard feat after another ... he had definite and beautiful ideas ... gave splendid accounts of Rachmaninov's Preludes, demonstrating the power and poetry of the piano. His premiere of Tippett's epic-scaled Fourth Sonata was an important chapter in this area's musical history."
The San Fransicso Chronicle

".. this performance hade a very special charge to it ... Swansbourne distilled the impulsive, moonlit essence of Rachmaninov's Preludes."
The San Francisco Examiner 

"... Rare eloquence ... a tribute to Swansbourne's musical insights."
The Chicago Tribune

"... a truly stunning performance of Bach's Goldberg Variations, with superb attention to detail, color and voice."
Vancouver, B.C., The Province,

"He offered the most convincing argument I believe I have ever heard (at least in live concert) for Bach on the piano."
Santa Fe, The New Mexican

"Swansbourne is an artist of staggering talent and versatility. There is no way to account for the perfect phrasing, the justness of interpretation, or the deftness of touch ... a prodigious talent."
Savannah, The Morning News 

"Gorgeous playing - I look forward to hearing more from him."
Paul Hume