"Clive Swansbourne displayed
complete artistic and
technical sovereignty."

—Frankfurt, Neue Presse


"His standards are very high, but he is kind enough to think his students can meet them. It was my lucky day when I became his student."

—Emily Cook, Houston, TX


Clive reading













About Clive Swansbourne

English pianist Clive Swansbourne has been internationally acclaimed for his performances in both America and Europe.

His large and wide-ranging repertoire offers not only music by the beloved masters of the past, but much 20th-century music as well. He performs the thirty-two Beethoven sonatas and the four Tippett sonatas.

His playing has been noted for its depth of vision, beauty and range of sound, and technical mastery.

Clive gives frequent recitals in his home city of Houston, Texas, and much of his music is available on CD or as internet downloads. Many of his recordings are available through this web site.

Clive has also built up a following for his Enlightened Listener service, under which he provides invaluable spoken commentaries on many popular works, accompanied by performances of the works in question. These recordings too are available on CD or as downloads through this web site.

Clive is also a distinguished music teacher, and you can read more about his activities in this field by clicking here.